Arsenal vs Fulham Score: Vienna starts as Aubameyang shine, with Dream Start for Premier League Gunners

Arsenal began the Premier League season with a 3–0 win at Fulham on Saturday as their new sign stole the show. Willian and Gabriel both shone inside an empty creve cottage as the hosts did little to defend and little to threaten. Willian had two assassins and was involved in all three goals, while Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Gabriel Magales all scored goals.

Scott Parker’s side started star striker Alexander Mitrovic on the bench before entering the match in the 63rd minute, and the attack gave Arsenal nothing to worry about for the next 90 minutes.

Here are three takeaways from the match:

Willian was the best player on the pitch

Signing him on a free transfer from Chelsea seems like a brilliant move through a match. The Brazilian international was involved in all three goals and probably should have scored a duet. But his first shot in front of goal survived, leading to Lacazette’s opener and then hitting the left post on a free kick.

His team’s second goal came from the corner on his right cross that found Gabriel’s head completely in the box.

Finally, this cross-field pass to Aubameyang went for the final goal which put the game away for the 57th minute:

This is obviously a great finish, but supports Willian to go into space and play him with full legs.

Every time he has the ball, he is a threat. He proved it at Arsenal on the very first day.

Gabriel starts poorly, but ends well in the beginning

It took a moment for the former Lille defender to settle, and he almost got a costly opening error when he couldn’t, when he couldn’t deliver the ball to Bern Leno, but other than that, he was brilliant. He put his attackers in front of him, timed his tackle well and carried the ball with precision.

His goal was the cherry on top, and his performance would give Arsenal fans hope that their defensive woes could be over soon.

Where do the coaters go from here?

Not a brilliant start, but no one expected Fulham – who played in the Championship last season – to score a point from Arsenal anyway. You can’t really judge this team without the introduction of Mitrovic, but it seems that Fulham may need to take a step or two to boost the attack, especially creativity. He showed very little despite being captured for doing so.

After 90 minutes, Fulham have as many yellow cards (two) as shots on goal.

It’s early, but a slow start can be a death blow.

Fulham 0, Arsenal 3 (Final)

⚽ Arsenal: Alexandre Lacazette (8 ‘)
⚽ Arsenal: Gabriel Maglesh (49 ‘)
⚽ Arsenal: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (57 ‘)

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