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Arnold Schwarzenegger will not press charges after the attack

The "terminator" is becoming calm with the nut that knocked him down on Saturday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted on Sunday that he will not cheat the cops with the crazed man who kicked him at a children's sporting event in South Africa.

"Many of you have asked, but I am not presenting charges, I hope this has been a wake-up call and that your life is on the right track, but I go ahead and prefer to focus on the thousands of great athletes I met at @ ArnoldSports Africa ", the star of" Terminator "of 71 years. wrote.

The former governor of California was surprised Saturday by a nameless madman who shouted "Help me! I need a Lamborghini!" – then hit the movie star with paw on his back with a double flying dropkick, wild video footage show .

The kick sent Schwarzenegger, who had been watching a girl jump the rope, stumbling forward. The attacker landed hard on the gym floor and was immediately approached by a security guard.

Wayne Price, who organized the Arnold Classic Africa sports event, said the man is "known to the police for orchestrating similar incidents in the past," according to Deadspin.

He said Schwarzenegger is "still in a good mood," according to Deadspin.

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