Arnold Schwarzenegger “Never” Thought Katherine Will Marry an Actor

Arnold Schwarzenegger His prior beliefs about the path had to say “Hasta la vista, baby” that his daughter Katherine SchwarzeneggerWill take life.

The iconic action-movie star surprised his ex Kindergarten coop Her appearance during the Zoom Reunion hosted by Yahoo! Entertainment Monday, December 21. During a virtual event celebrating the family-friendly film of the 1990s, the actor stated that he never expected Catherine to fall in love with someone from his line of work, as he did when he was married. It was tied Chris prat In June 2019.

“I never thought that my daughter was going to marry an actor,” Arnold admitted. “I told myself, she would be sick and would get tired of me dragging them to set them, and they would see me blowing up buildings and killing people.”

For some reason, 31-year-old Katherine was an anomaly among four adult children Twins Picked up with artist Maria Shriver In May 2011, the couple ended their 25-year marriage. Arnold is also the father of a 23-year-old Joseph Bena From my relationship with Mildred Bena.

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