Army Sergeant tried to kill his wife by sabotaging his parachute

A British army sergeant was found guilty of attempting to kill his wife by sabotaging his parachute before attempting a parachuting.

Emile Cilliers, 38, took off key pieces of his wife Victoria's parachute before attempting a routine jump at the Netheravon Aerodrome in Wiltshire, southern England, on April 5, 2015.

Victoria Cilliers survived "miraculously" after collapsing to over 4,000 feet when his main and reserve parachutes did not fully deploy.

Suffered multiple serious injuries as a result, including a broken pelvis, spine and ribs, Wiltshire police said in a statement.

Less than a week before the sabotage, Emile Cilliers had also tried to kill his wife by loosening a gas valve in his house in the I hope she turned on the kitchen and caused an explosion.

According to prosecutors, his two young children were also at home at the time he planned to fly the house. Victoria Cilliers managed to call an engineer to fix the valve before someone was injured.