Army Hammer’s disgruntled wife Elizabeth Chambers breaks silence over their cannibalism controversy

Elizabeth Chambers has broken her silence about the scandal surrounding her ex-husband, Armie Hammer.

Hammer, 34, has come under intense scrutiny after several women, some unknown people, have come forward claiming that she has shared her sexual fantasies, including her alleged entry on social media that she “100% is a canetal.” He has denied the claims.

In a bizarre twist, a new report noted that Hammer’s former “Call Me By Your Name” director Luca Guadagnino and co-star Timothee Chalamet are working on a project called “Bones and All”, which is “provocative The woman “is told about. Killing and eating people who love him. “

Chambers airs the film’s plot on Instagram, where it first responds subtly.

According to Armory Hammer’s Ex-Servicemen Act ‘there is a will for a woman’

Elizabeth Chambers (left) and Army Hammer (right) announced their split in July after 10 years of marriage.
(Exley / Bauer-Griffin / Filmmetty with Getty Images)

“No. Word.”, She commented from her verified Instagram account.

Chambers had remained mum on the first play for the past few weeks. The father of two opted out of his upcoming film role in “Shotgun Wedding” after a message allegedly leaked by Hammer to a woman on the Instagram account of the House of Effie, who shared her desire for graphic BDSM acts , Which also featured Jennifer Lopez.

Last week, one of Hammer’s ex-girlfriends, 23-year-old model Paige Lorenze, gave an interview to Fox News about her decision to end her months of romance with the actor. She said she believed she “wishes to hurt women.”

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Lorenz and Hammer romanced in Los Angeles last September. The current college student said that Hammer described it as a “polygynous open relationship”. She said she agreed with her BDSM wishes over the course of four months, but she sees it as the opposite of “fun and safe”.

Amidst controversy, the 'Call Me By Your Name' actor opted out of a film role for the upcoming film 'Shotgun Wedding' starring Jennifer Lopez.

Amidst controversy, the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ actor opted out of a film role for the upcoming film ‘Shotgun Wedding’ starring Jennifer Lopez.
(Greg DeGaire / FilmMagic)

“Right now he definitely got involved in things and I had to do things that were not my ideals. He wanted me to just call him ‘Sir’ or ‘Daddy’. He was clearly a very kinky person. And he liked it a lot. It’s obvious to me, but I thought it was going to be fun and safe, “he claimed to us.

Lorenz said that she got upset after Hammer wanted to eat her ribs.

“He was talking about finding a doctor to remove my ribs that I don’t need – the ribs that are down – and he was a smoker at his house. He wanted to smoke them and eat them Was. He wondered. How they taste and he was basically like, ‘I bet they’ll taste good.’

She has also shared pictures of a scar in the shape of an “A” above her waist area. She claimed that the actor brandished the letter on her skin with a knife.

Former co-operative VUCEKOVICH classes of ARMIE HAMMER wanted him to join the ‘Barbecue’ and ‘RIBS’ Men’s Messing Scandal.

“These claims about Mr. Hammer are currently untrue. Any interaction with this person, or any of his companions, was fully agreed upon, agreed upon, and Mutual involvement. The stories being released in the media are a misguided. An attempt to present a unilateral narrative with the goal of tarnishing Mr. Hammer’s reputation, and communication from the individuals involved proves that, “Hammer’s lawyer Andrew Breitler told Fox News in a statement.

Paige Lorenze (left) told Fox News that the actor wanted to 'smoke' and 'eat' her ribs during the last fall in their relationship.

Paige Lorenze (left) told Fox News that the actor wanted to ‘smoke’ and ‘eat’ her ribs during the last fall in their relationship.
(Paige Lorenz Instagram / Getty)

Lorenz alleged that Hammer was indeed “mad at me for biting and leaving scars and hurting me.” She claimed that the “Rebeseca” star would always “brag” about her injuries and asked her to “show them off”.

Lorenz told Fox News that she met Hammer’s family in Texas during Thanksgiving. This made her understand that this relationship could be “long-term” as Hammer, but she ended the relationship in December, when she felt “my stomach, really sick, and for feeling so weird” He started, he said.

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Another woman named Courtney Vusekovich also claimed that Hammer wanted to “barbecue” and “eat” her ribs. Meanwhile, writer Jessica Sienkin Henriquez, who allegedly said on Instagram after the Hammer last fall that she believes the messages are “genuine”. ”

Last July, Hammer and Chambers announced their split on social media. They share two children together: daughter Harper Grace, 5, and son Ford Douglas Armand, 3.

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Hammer is best known for his roles in “The Social Network” and “Call Me Your Name”, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination in 2018. Her recent appearances included HBO’s “We’re Who We Are” and Netics’ “Rebecca” remake.

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