Armin Laschet elected as new leader of Germany’s ruling CDU party

The candidate for the chairmanship of Armin Laskett, president of the Christian Democratic Union Party of Germany, as he participates in a discussion on January 8, 2021, at the party’s headquarters in Berlin.

Christian Mann / POL / AFP) (Photo by Chrison Megan / POL / AFP via Gates Image)

Frankfurt, Germany – Germany’s ruling CDU party on Saturday elected Armin Laskett as its new president, possibly paving the way for him to replace Angela Merkel as chancellor in elections later this year.

Lesket is currently the Prime Minister of Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia region, the country’s most populous federal state. He defeated rival Frederick Meraj by 521 to 466 in a vote, forced online due to the coronovirus epidemic.

Born in 1961, he was first elected to the Bundestag (German Parliament) in 1994 and his election is seen as a continuation of Merkel’s policies, as he firmly held the CDU as the “center of society” Has resolved

With him as chairman, CDU will likely stay on message and focus more on climate change policies and environmental topics. He has a strong Catholic background that gives him support from Christian circles within the party.

He is a trained lawyer and also worked as a journalist at the German reunion between 1986 and 1991. He is seen as very liberal and is popular with the immigrant community in his home state.

If he becomes the CDU’s candidate for chancellor in the September elections, he may be open to various alliances – the division of power in German politics is a somewhat recent tradition.

He has embodied the idea of ​​liberals, the FDP as well as a government, to win over parts of the trade camp inside the CDU. But they are also seen as a natural fit for an alliance with the Greens, as they are on good speaking terms with the party and favor environmental issues.

But CDU’s candidate for chancellor will be determined only in the spring. And it is not certain that the newly-elected president will automatically assume the role of Merkel. Marcus Sauder, the very popular Bavarian Prime Minister and current Health Minister Jens Spahn, may also join the race to lead Europe’s largest economy.

Merkel stepped down as CDU leader in 2018, and his replacement Annege Kramp-Karrnbauer stepped down in February 2020 after a series of communications replacements.

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