Armie Hammer reveals the real reason why he left Twitter


Armie Hammer is saying goodbye to Twitter.

Shortly after discovering that the Hollywood star no longer had an account on the social networking site, several fans were left wondering what the hell happened.

But during TheWrap & # 39; s Projection Series in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, the star Call Me by Your Name decided to explain his decision.

"I just do not have impulse control, so if someone says something stupid, I could not help it" I gave something in return, and then it blew up, "he explained to the audience." This is a toxic environment, and my life is very much better. "

Armie continued:" It's very funny: people are so addicted and on Twitter, it seems crazy that someone could get away from They're like, "Wait, did you erase it? & # 39; Actually it was really easy "

  Armie Hammer

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Before making the decision, Armie came across BuzzFeed's article titled" 10 long years trying to make Armie Hammer happy " [19659002] The article asked the question: "How many second chances does a beautiful white male star have?" When watching his career in Hollywood.

Armie would finally send a message to the writer on Twitter before deleting his account. chronology is perfect, but its perspective is bitter AF, "he wrote." Maybe I'm just a guy who loves his job and refuses to do anything other than what he loves to do … "

Ultimately, the actor focuses on his latest film that is receiving positive reviews from critics and moviegoers.Indeed, there are already rumors about the Oscars that call me by your name that recently won the Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Movie.

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