Armageddon? Huge asteroid flying close to Earth, closer than the Moon – View –

Armageddon? Huge asteroid flying close to Earth, closer than the Moon – View

It’s not Armageddon, but it could have been. A sizable asteroid named 2021 EQ3 will pass closer to Earth than the Moon itself on Monday night.

And luckily, everything will be streamed live online!

The flyby will be completely safe and does not pose any risk to anything or anyone on Earth or to any of the satellites, the Cnet website reported. The asteroid will pass closest to us around 9:45 pm Israel time Monday night, at a distance of about 278,000 kilometers, 72% of the distance from Earth to the Moon.

Although 2021 EQ3 isn’t actually the only asteroid that has gotten this close to Earth, it is one of the largest.

On average, studies of the sky and other telescopes detect a space rock that passes closer than the moon every few days, even if most of these asteroids are only a few meters in diameter, which probably doesn’t make them larger than a bus.

Asteroid 2021 EQ3, however, could be up to 38 meters in diameter, making it more like the size of a small apartment building, according to the report.

It is also different from 2001 FO32, which is an absolute monster with a diameter of about a mile. That asteroid will pass on March 21, but at a distance five times greater than the moon.

The asteroid’s size also makes it a good object to track, and the Rome-based Virtual Telescope Project will broadcast an observing feast online through its website.

Last year, NASA discovered that an asteroid would approach Earth on November 2, the day before the US presidential election, CNN reported at the time.

Known as 2018VP1, the asteroid was first identified in 2018 and is estimated to be two meters (6.5 feet) in diameter. While it only has a 0.41% chance of hitting Earth, NASA still found potential impacts from a collision. But due to its small size, it is unlikely to have an impact of apocalyptic proportions, CNN reported.

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