Arizona’s Secretary of State said “there is no merit to any claim of widespread voter fraud.”

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs told CNBC that “Mariopea County polling workers continue to count ballots,” Arizona has no qualms for any claims of widespread voter fraud.

Counting still continues in many battlegrounds, with President Donald Trump accusing Democrats of trying to steal elections without proof. Trump’s campaign has led to lawsuits in several states related to the counting of votes. Crowds of protesters claimed that the vote was stolen from Trump as they gathered outside the counting center in Maricopa County on Wednesday night. In turn, the ballots were unable to be scanned and counted.

Hobbes told host Shepard Smith that the president’s remarks about voter fraud “make our work harder.”

In “Thursday News” interview with Shepard Smith, Hobbes said, “There is no evidence to back this up, and it’s not something we’ve experienced here.”

Hobbes stated that his state’s polling staff were employees hired by the counties, and it was necessary to uphold the law in the context of elections. According to NBC News, Arizona is still close to the call. Hobbs said Maricopa County hopes to get through the counting of the bulk of its ballots over the weekend.


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