Arizonans Respond to Reopening, Some Abandon Security Measures, Others Take Precautions

The first weekend of clubs and bars fully open without restrictions.

“Get out early, we’ve been doing things all day,” says an assistant to the club.

Celebratory events have been popping up, some with a clear message. An event called “F COVID” that takes place in Paris in Scottsdale, has a flyer that says, no masks, no social distancing and at full capacity. People were queuing there at 6:30 pm on a Friday night.

“Go out, be with people, celebrate and without masks,” says another attendee to the club.

People who get a booth or a table will be allowed to dance with their groups. The promoter organizing the weekend event, Luciano Cota, says it has been a long time coming.

“May our own government open up the city and allow us to do what we do, which is bring people together, bring people in to have fun and have fun. You know, a week of work and then you can finally go back to a club. completely open, we haven’t had that in over a year. That’s probably what encouraged us to go down that path, to go down that path, “says Luciano Cota, Surge Nights, events manager.

Cota says that an event he has for Sunday is already sold out. That is pushing many people to plan their weekend plans in advance.

“Excitement, relief, especially when it comes to mental health and getting social again, interacting with people and getting back to normal, like living life,” says Scottsdale resident Paris Prynkiewicz.

Richard Schmitz says he recently moved to Scottsdale, this will be the first time he’s seen it fully open.

“I can’t wait to get out there, see my friends go to new places, see the scene and start living my life again, a year has passed,” says Richard Schmitz, a Scottsdale resident.

Even though people are celebrating, there will still be some who will join in, but taking precautions.

“I think it depends on the people. There are people who believe in COVID, there are people who do not,” says Cota.


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