Arizona Wildcats-Utah Utahs football game canceled due to COVID-19 cases, contact tracing

The season-opening football game between Utah and Arizona on Saturday has been canceled, as several UTS players tested positive for COVID-19, which the team had enough available scholarship players without isolation and quarantine Contact left due to protocol tracing.

This is the second cancellation after the Pac-12’s late opening weekend following an announcement on Thursday that it could not host Cal Washington as many players, including an entire position group, as announced yesterday Were quarantined for tracing.

“The cancellation of the game is certainly incredibly disappointing for our student-athletes and our fans after Washington’s cancellation yesterday at the football game,” the Pac-12 said in a statement. “At the same time it is a sign that our health and safety protocols are working to identify positive cases and contact tracing cases. While we all want to see our football student-athletes compete on the field, our The number one priority should be to continue. All those involved with Pac-12 football programs have health and safety. “

The game will not be considered a competition according to Pac-12 rules.

Utah did not release the total number of players who were positive or unavailable due to contact testing. The group is in isolation, per athletic director Mark Harlan, saying positive test results came out on Friday morning.

“Coach (Kyle) Wheatingam and I discussed this situation extensively as well as with our medical advisors, and it was very clear that our student-athletes would be put at risk to get on with the sport, and We just won’t take that risk., “She said. “We immediately began a conversation with the Pac-12 office and Arizona Athletics Director Dave Heeke to make them aware of our situation and the resulting decision.”

Wittingham described it as the right decision.

“The health and well-being of our student-athletes is absolutely paramount and we will not put them at risk,” he said. “Our team has worked hard to reach this milestone, and we will continue to care for our student-athletes and fully follow all protocols as we prepare for next week’s game (against UCLA) . “

Heeke said similarly: “I could not be more disappointed that our players, coaches and staff would be unable to experience the game day for which they have spent months preparing. Until that time, health and safety had to cope with these uncertainties. Throughout, our guiding principles should remain. Time. Our athletics department and football program will continue to move forward with the principles at the forefront, as we prepare USC to host its weekend. “


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