Arizona Republicans block Cindy McCain and GOP governor

Arizona Republicans abstain voting on Saturday Cindy McCain And two prominent GOP members who have found themselves crossword with former President Donald Trump.

Censor of Senator John McCain’s widow, former Senator jeff flake And Governor Doug Doussey is only symbolic. But they show that the party’s foot soldiers are focused on enforcing loyalty to Mr. Trump, even during an election that saw the Arizona inch away from its staunch Republican roots.

Party activists also reiterated controversial president Kelly Ward, who has been one of Mr. Trump’s most incomplete supporters and one of the most vehement campaigners for his unbridled allegations of electoral fraud.

The Arizona GOP’s combative focus has appeased Mr. Trump’s staunch supporters and worried Republican insiders who have seen the party lose ground in the suburbs as the influence of its traditional conservative establishment has faded in Mr. Trump’s favor. The GOP has been harmed by growing young Latino voters and bringing new people into their liberal politics from home.

“It’s time for Republicans to choose. Are we going to be a conservative party?” Kirk Adams, a former speaker of the State House and chief of staff at Doji. “Or is it a party … that is loyal to any one person?”

It is a question of Republican identity that party officials and activists are facing nationwide after Mr. Trump’s 2020 loss, and especially after a crowd of his supporters Siege on US Capitol On 6 January.

Kamala Harris, the then Vice Presidential candidate and California Senator, then Democratic Presidential candidate, former US Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Cindy McCain walk to the American Indian Veterans National Memorial on October 8, 2020 at the Herd Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.


Nowhere is that more in question than in Arizona, where the state GOP’s unwavering loyalty to Mr. Trump stands out even in a party that is remade everywhere in the former president’s image.

Ward sued continuously – but unsuccessfully – to reverse the election results. The party has used its social media accounts to fight followers and perhaps even die in support of false claims of Mr Trump’s victory. Two of the state’s four Republican congressmen are accused of playing a role in organizing the January 6 rally that turned violent.

After dominating Arizona politics for decades, Republicans now find themselves on their heels in the state’s highest offices. President Joe Biden won one, becoming just the second Democrat in more than five decades to win the state. Successive wins in 2018 and 2020 gave Democrats control of both US Senate seats for the first time in nearly 70 years.

Ward, a physician and former state legislator who lost two Republican primaries for the US Senate, won a second term by defeating three challengers.

In a brief interview, Ward acknowledged “disappointment at the top of the ticket” but said he and many other Republicans still questioned the results showing victory for Mr. Biden and Democratic Senator Mark Kelly. The judges have dismissed eight lawsuits challenging Arizona’s election results.

Ward pointed to the GOP’s successes as demonetisation, noting Republicans rejected expectations in the local race.

Ward said he is a “Trump Republican” who will always “put America in the first place, believing in faith, family and freedom.” The road ahead for the GOP, he said, is adding to Mr. Trump’s 74 million voters.

“Yes, I’ll be fanatical about those things because those are the things that keep this country great,” Ward said. “The people who are complaining are the people who really put us in this place where we are in Arizona, the people who have been Mambi Pambi, lay down and allowed the Democrats to walk all over them.”

The censors target some of Arizona’s most prominent Republicans,

Cindy McCain supported Biden and became a powerful surrogate for Democrats following the attacks by Mr. Trump with her husband. After the vote, he wrote on Twitter that “it is a high honor to include a group of Erzonans who have served our state and our nation so well.”

“I would wear it as a badge of honor,” she wrote.

After the vote, Flake Tweeted At the inauguration of Biden, a photo of him with McCain and Doji and wrote: “Good company.”

Flake was one of the few Congress Republicans who was openly critical of Mr. Trump for failing to follow conservative values. He refused to run for the reunion in 2018 Supported Mr. Biden In last year’s election

He wrote, “If the party needs to condemn the president’s behavior in order to be in good elections, then I’m fine.” Twitter Before and after the vote.

Daisy is being targeted for a ban on individuals and businesses to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although it is not mentioned in the proposed censorship, he had a high-profile break with the president when he Authentication signed On Mr. Biden’s victory.

Dosey’s political director, Sarah Mueller, said, “These resolutions are not of any consequence and the people behind them have lost whatever moral authority they once had.”

Many traditional conservatives fret that censors and Ward’s combative style swings off voters and ticket-splitters who handed Democrats their recent victories. But they say the party’s decisions will reflect the views of about 1,500 committed activists.

John McCain was shut down by the state GOP in 2014 and comfortably won the Republican primary in Ward and a general election. The self-described maverick, best known for his willingness to buck his party, had strained many relationships for his career with the state party, but was continually reinvented by a wide margin.


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