Arizona reported 6,106 new coronovirus cases, 15 more deaths

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This is a regularly updated story with the latest information about Coronavirus and its impact in Arizona. As of December 26, 2020.

PHOENIX – Arizona health officials reported 6,106 new coronovirus cases and 15 additional deaths on Saturday.

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services dashboard, the state’s documented total totals rose to 493,041 COVID-19 infections and 8,424.

Several COVID-19 matrix epidemics have been at or near high in Arizona.

The number of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 hospital patients in Arizona fell to 4,165 on Friday, following an all-time high of 4,226 on Thursday.

However, the number of COVID-19 patients in the state’s ICU beds rose to 983, setting a record for the third time in the past four days.

Statewide, suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients took up a record less than 50% in the last two days, and 55% of all ICU beds, up to 49% of all inpatient beds.

Overall, in-patient beds were 89% full and ICU beds were 91% full. The state had 154 unused ICU beds on Friday, 23 more than the previous day.

Arizona’s weekly percentage positivity for the COVID-19 diagnostic test, an indicator of how much the virus is spreading in this community, was 22% through 76,331 trials for this week. If it does, it will break a record of 21% from the week starting on 28 June.

Official positivity rates occur when samples are taken, not when they are reported, as the percentage of recent weeks may fluctuate as labs are caught on test and the results are documented by the state.

Nearly 150 fewer than Thursday, according to tracking by the Associated Press, the seven-day average for the newly reported cases of the Department of Health was 6,323 on Friday.

The seven-day average of newlywed COVID-19 deaths was 84.29 on Friday, declining for the third consecutive day, but was still the ninth-highest.

The state’s daily post-update cases, death and trial statistics, receive and confirm statistics, which can lag for several days or longer. They do not represent actual activity in the last 24 hours.

Hospitalization data posted each morning is electronically reported by the 100 hospitals in the state the previous evening, as required under the executive order.

COVID-19, a disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has no effect on some people and is severely debilitating or fatal to others. Infected people without symptoms – including but not limited to cough, fever and difficulty breathing – are capable of spreading the virus.

Information about test locations can be seen on the Arizona Department of Health website.

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