Ariana Grande's mom allegedly scamming Nokia for & # 39; 7 Rings & # 39;

Ariana Grande

Mom in supposedly scamming Nokia for '7 rings & # 39;

01/19/2019 11:51 AM PST


11:40 AM PT – Ariana's single, "7 Rings", apparently broke a record number transmission: the most transmitted song on Spotify within the first 24 hours, according to her manager Scooter braun.

The official numbers are now in @Ariana Grandeis # 7 rings Now it has the Spotify record of all time for the most transmitted song in its first 24 hours with 14,966,544 transmissions! 4 million more than the previous record! History is being made! Congratulations to the team and @Ariana Grande Bravo!

– Scooter Braun (@scooterbraun) January 19, 2019

He has not yet responded directly to accusations of cheating Princess Nokia and other black artists for his new song, but it seems that people are digging the song in spite of everything.

Ariana Grande He smiled, but had nothing to say about the claims that he cheated another artist in the creation of his last song, "7 Rings."

We got Ariana on Friday night at L.A. leaving Rockwell Table and Stage, and we had nothing to say about Princess nokiaThe lyrics of "7 Rings" are too similar to his song "Mine", from his mixtape "1992".

The letters of Ariana: "My dolls, stop watching", my neck is flossin '/ It makes great deposits, my shine is poppin' / Do you like my hair? Go, thank you, I just bought it / I see it, I like it, I want it, I have it ".

Nokia lyrics – "Rock my many styles and then they become natural for summer / Hair blows in the Hummer / Flips the fabric, I'm stunner / It's mine, I bought it / It's mine, I bought it".

Ariana is encouraged when we congratulate her. in Coachella, waving as he walks away in the night.

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