Ariana Grande, producer of the television program Grammys, is lying about her transmission in the program

Ariana Grande

The Grammy producer is lying

She is not acting because of her ego

2/7/2019 2:40 PM PST

Exclusive details

Ariana Grande She says that the guy who runs the Grammys is a liar for stating that she was too tired to arm herself and perform on the Sunday night show … she says that everything fell apart because he did not respect her completely.

Ariana has been promoted everywhere as one of the highlights of the program: in television commercials, on a billboard on Hollywood Blvd., on buses, and so on. However, the sources related to the show of the Grammys tell us that Ariana never made a deal to present or present herself.

The deal she wanted was to make her mbadive hit # 1, "7 rings". They tell us the producer of the show, Ken EhrlichHe told Ariana that the song would not connect with the audience, so he asked her to choose a different song. Ariana felt that "7 rings" was what people wanted to hear, and when Ehrlich did not move, he said he would take a pbad.

Fast forward to Thursday, when Ehrlich granted an interview to AP and said that Ariana backed down because "I felt it was too late to put something together".

They tell us that Ariana is enraged, because she actually talked to the Grammys and offered to perform a song that Ehrlich wanted, as long as he could sing "7 Rings", but he still did not move. Then he said sayonara and, days later, Ehrlich came back and said it was fine, to make a mixture that includes "7 rings" … but by then, Ariana had finished with him. In other words, they tell us that he feels that Ehrlich is lying because he knows he made a mistake and is looking for coverage.

As for why she thinks she made a mistake … "Thanks to you, the album will be released on Friday, and it is expected to be the best-selling album so far this year, and that Ariana does not appear in the program ridiculous television

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