You can find your children with WhatsApp

In recent months, WhatsApp's developers have a new or clever option that allows users to experience the situation of your friends, a feature that fewer people know how they are used and that we are today To teach you.

This WhatsApp feature was originally created by parents remembering to find out where their children are right; However, many users are used to find out where their friends are in good time.

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Most of WhatsApp users are tired of their late friends; stretching them up to their current location, and so thank the message request, they can know where they are and there is no way to search.

If you want to find out where your friends are concerned, you need to open WhatsApp and then select their attachments. So, they need to be pressed Location and finally select Place your current location.

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After that, you will find WhatsApp's correct settings where your friend is, so he can not give you a lie if he is late for a meeting. If you would like more information, you will definitely check the following video.

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