What happens to the dollar in 2019?

The beginning of October The North Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) established a "non-intervention department", for the dollar for the sale department between $ 34 and pesos $ 44, and changed daily by 3% per month.

For the year that the region's boundaries start without interventions, daily updates will be updated at a monthly level of 2%, and # 39; Start at 37,117 and 48,034 pesos per dollar, with a daily update of up to 2% per month. If you follow the same way to this year, you can expect that the money will be in the middle of these values.

This means that if the weight is over, affecting such a way that the exchange rate is above the top of the non-interconnection department, the BCRA can sell a dollar through offers up to $ 150 million a day.

In this way, the Medium Bank will return the pesos it receives for the dollar, and consolidate its crimson on its; Fundamental basis when most are needed: before reducing the application for money.

On the other hand, before being considered rapidly, it will allow the BCRA to buy foreign currency through applications up to $ 150 million per day. The silver coin can only grow if there are clear signs of confidence in the passport.

BCRA Priorities

In accordance with the objectives established by the financial authority, it is "to promote sustainability and the development of the finance department"; priority. In this framework, they will continue "to improve national security instruments", and will continue on the way to access banking operations in different business types.

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