Uncategorized mystery statistics about Lionel Messi gave geological study – 12/31/2018

The Lionel Messi is able to wake up all sorts of patients – in general of a genuine nature – there is no doubt whatsoever. Although it was not known until now, it was a distinctive part of its role in creating an interest from a branch of science that will, Basically examine the materials that make up their & # 39; Planet Earth.

Everything started when some of Catalonia saw that Messi had an adverse effect on the completion of penalties in the Gold Nord Nord of the Champ Nou: out of the ten he had lost in that stadium, There were nine in that goal and just one in Gold Gold. Confidentiality.

What could be a cause for such a difference? Science was asking for an explanation that is; passing bad luck or geography.

In an article published in the 52th edition of Earth & Technology & # 39; at the College of Scientists, who represents the Catalan site Sport, the specialist in geophysical and vocalist Catalan Colonists, Albert Ventayol, indicate that geology can be used. outline the statistical information.

"The Gol Nord is located on crab, limestone and other hard-haired rocks in the Paleozoic age, covered by Quaternary sediments, and, in the South Gold, the sub-state is prehistoric and patented with clay bluish more modern, "Ventayol explained, adding that" Messi is a better feeling to play for clay purposes ". It could even throw a joke on a & # 39; subject, certainly more funny for biological students: "Messi's night is the Paleozoic deep state".

Hardly, Ventayol said that the area where the Camp Nou is based on "large geological diversity" within Barcelona. He also said that underground land was used during construction – between 1955 and 1957 – red, hard and thin clay are combined, along with the thickest green pots in the Gol Sud area – the best option favorite of Messi. And he said for that: "Blaugrana is even at the base of Camp Nou".

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