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They share the Election in the World Cup & 90; They broke a good friendship. Idols are in the clubs that they manage, tomorrow and describes a title

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Although the light of the soccer shell highlights its & # 39; The scattered and embarrassing final of the Libertadores Cup between the River and Boca, in an hour, will explain the seventh copy of the Argentine Cup. In this opportunity, more than 100 clubs have started playing with them; desire to reach as long as & # 39; as possible, and only 2 seconds to reach the final; necessary to hold the prize. They are Gymnastics and Rosario Central, two venues that are far from appearing in beautiful posters of our holy Argentine conquerist, and who have everything to do with them. cost a lot.

The wolf was in the 5 games he played, and did not leave the road more or less than the final two of the Libertadores Cup, first to Boca and River ago days ago. El Canalla needed to play in touch with her and her. his successful rival, Newell, the trip to the next round in a classic Rosario that was played behind closed doors on an Arsenal court.

You may say that this & # 39; Bup it is where they are & # 39; Start playing First Division teams in 32Avos. Final, very similar to the World Cup as a result of the short, but worse, because it is not played quickly, but between playing and playing. match or level and level, it can take weeks or months, which does not allow them to take advantage of their emotional spread and success

But it's true that every game is final, in whole or in anything, like the World Cup. "If you woke up that bad day, you're going home, you're away"says Pedro Troglio as a crest of these crosses.

At another venue bank your friend, Edgardo Bauza. Both of them had long sleeved brush in the & # 39; 80s and 90s, Troglio leaflet in the River, Bauza Pacaca-dubha in the middle.

The World Cup in Italy was in 1990 giving them as crew members and since then friendship. Last September for the Argentine Super League Argentina currently in the & # 39; Choille they went back to see and after the lecture and phrases, at the end of the Paton He tried to settle Patrick accompanying him to mouth; the tunnel side, having been arguing with some of the movie makers.

Sometime Troglio he was very pleased to announce Bauza as a coach of Argentina National Team: "He is a good professional and a real person, he is worthy of", the athlete told the athlete.

Nowadays they are sometimes away from looking together to explain a title, two that they are; going on, not to counter fraud, trying to get out of their players, just.

"We have two equal teams, I think I have a very intense game. Due to the fact that anything is going to be changed, style of each man, his shape and his ", he said at least two days back to the Rosario coach, who eventually had both of them; play for the title saying, "For something the beginning of more than 100 teams started in this Argentine Cup and reached both ends".

Everyone knew how they would represent and breathe the team's shirt; guide today, and they were idols. Without beautiful schools or carlatanism, just by work and to know the insecure icon of the clubs and their people.

Clearly they had bad weather and they had to go, but they came back and they knew others, like those who stay next Thursday in Mendoza from 21: 10.


These are the technicians that are active, who have been managing their & # 39; Most games in Argentine football, just five times, with two advantages for each and most recent fans.

Pedro in the five opportunities that lead to Gymnastics, but the Paton No, he did it with three different teams. But let's go into each of these conclusions …

On January 28, 2006, they first made routes for technology, Bauza Colonel guidance, which finished its & # 39; 1-0 win in Santa Fe, with a goal from Bichi Fuertes. January 1st dated "End of 2006".

Only in 2014 they would go back again, and they did it twice, putting themselves Pedro in both. Troglio in his second visit to Athletics after he was encouraged and Bauza in front of San Lorenzo. On March 23 in Choille and behind closed doors for the 9th date of the "Final Competition", the 2-1 healthy (after 1-0 lost 1-0 to visit for to visit Angel Correa), thanking the aims at Osvaldo Barsottini and Colombia Luis Peralta the end; and on September 27, on the 9th date of the "Transition Competition", the 2-0 Triperos won, with the aims of Alvaro Fernández and Pablo Vegetti.

It's been a bit again a year they met again. On 1 August 2015, Bauza The revenge was taken because the Travel was hitting the Albiazules in the # 39; New Gasometer 1-0, for the 19th date of the "Competition 2015". The same goal was not to mark its game Martín Cauteruccio, shortly after they started the second half.

The final decision in this 2018 is very new, since this is 1-1 in the & # 39; Choille on the last 23 September for the 6th League Super League Argentina, with Bauza already in Central, and the same connection between them. Leonardo Gil The box opened free of scoring in the first phase, and in the second section of a penalty, he joined it Santiago Silva.

In terms of styles, most of the times they have chosen the same innovative picture, 4-4-2, longer than that in the last matches Troglio He continued for 4-1-4-1; and they also know that they are able to win a game in a quiet ball, and that's why they will stress.

Next Thursday they will face each other again and put the football formulas to the test, and further afield regardless of who wins, friendship will not break.

Everyone who battles with their weapons, will always be legal, clean, and not; try dirty or muddy games. Among them were teachers who knew "lunge" football, customs and acting. On the one hand, Angel Tulio Zof, of course, the logo of Central America; and on the other, Carlos Timoteo Griguol, someone who marked a way in Gymnastics, was before and after.

You know what's like a champion as a player and coach in other clubs, but Pedro Troglio with her 53 years and Edgardo Bauza At 60, they also know what it can do for its performance in the Club and its respects and where they are considered and delivered. It will be a strong addition …

They respect each other as coaches, and in those hours they work on all the details, and # 39; Looking for anything that has gone wrong, they know that glory is a? waiting for them.

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