They were introduced in Puerto Montt, a woman who was suspected of having an airplane

Through a new part of the regional health authorities, Saturday was reported that a patient from Palena (An Chile), a hospital in Puerto Montt, has a case called "suspect" of hantavirus.

Depending on the part, A woman's first-born relationship with the first Epuyén hantavirus. The Palena village is located just over 10 kilometers from Chubut of Carrenleufú, both connected to routes 44 and 235.

It was also reported that the patient was in the ward to Intensive Therapy, in Esquel hospital. In this hospital, three people have proved so good for hantavirus, one "suspect" and three men.

The small man proved as proof and another patient in the general room is introduced in Bariloche.

There was no evidence of new issues as proof.


The Chubut Health Ministry, led by Adrián Pizzi, continues to act with regard to the prevention, investigation and inspection of the document. an Ephanty-based aviation break.

Today, the director associated with Esquel Center, Jorge Elías, regional leader of Prevalent Pathologies and Epidemiology, Teresa Strella, and director of Zonal Esquel Hospital (HZE), Antonio Mugno, still has a multi-departmental health team was established in the Andean department hospital to "continue the work that has been running for several weeks due to its decision".

He has made it clear so far that there is a set of aviation breach under a group of people from Epuyén, where the area's Health Ministry maintains "a very intense and unhappy look".

The disease is broadcast by talking with urine, saliva and splitting the cliffs that are infected with the disease; virus. It can also be broadcast from person to person by getting close contact with patients in the & # 39; first time of the febrile program (first 48 to 72 hours).

The symptoms of hauntavirus are fever, fever morals, swallows, headaches, nose, recreation, abdominal pain, diarrhea and the advanced respiratory problem.


In terms of preventing measures, you should be advised: keep air, fast and clean air, and sheds; bleach will be used to deteriorate and turn off; including previously, not less than an hour long ago the environments have been lost; and make rural activities with clothing, appropriate walkers and respiratory protection.

If you encounter camping, choose a place free of herbs and not to sleep in direct contact with the grass, respect the signs of the parks, guardians, signs and health; and walk paths with the ability of proper clothing and shoes, avoiding plants with herbs.

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