"They made political argument" Valdés denied …

An old Vatican ambassador and the current parliament of Eduardo Valdés criticized Elisa Carrió before the courts (illustration), Paula Oliveto Lago and Mariana Zuvic. "I have many reasons to prove that they carried out political work on my person," said Valdés on Twitter, where he described his exhibition against the federal court of Dolores. The complaint is about breaking the Mental Law, breaking confidentiality, wrong fraud, smell and false accusation.

Valdés said "the representatives of the Civil Confederation had used transcripts of illegal wiretapping carried out in Ezeiza prison" and "that they wanted to take responsibility for raising the issue against Stornelli." and in the absence, he said that "Oliveto had been given the assurance that Oliveto had been given to him" and that he said "Oliveto did not recognize herself when he was talking to him. t someone who took enormous amount of spices after Ramos Padilla was attacked. "

Valdés remembered in a television interview, that Carrió knew that they were being given a case with him in his office, and when he saw that they were listening, instead of listening, instead of listening to them. rejecting this false interface, he edited the content to bring it to a political resource ". t As a result of this, the "organized materials" campaign was used to organize a news campaign to "stop and seize the research of Ramos Padilla" in order to work as Vodés as a covers of Alessio and t his band ".

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