The rise in gonorrhea and spleen is due to a lack of condom use.

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The issue of disease cases which come through has been looked at by national and regional health authorities, as discussed yesterday in a day of training and prevention and working together to eradicate hepatitis. & viral; developed in two days. Ramón Madariaga Hospital.
In the framework, national director of the AIDS Program, Diseases of Sexual Orientation, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis (Dsetshyt), visited Claudia Rodríguez, in the continent and in discussion with El Territorio he showed himself that he has a increasingly inadequate use of processes because they are given the condom, not only are new HIV cases introduced but also relapsing t spices and gonorrhea.
On the other hand, in recent months there was an increase in the price of chondoman in pharmacies, and they advised the expert on whether more people in health centers wanted free condoms. – that he was saying slightly "there is no more demand, even the biggest cases are found due to a lack of condom use. Almost 80% of the cases detected are new, not far away because of the lack of condoms." they don't use the condom. "
He remembered that the State, hospitals and caps Caps, are distributed and are of high quality, but it appears that they are only being used as infectious. T "
The hideous expert did not worry her: "spoiled frequency is relatively unexpected, 50×100 thousand residents, which is a large number, which means that the steps have gone "Career".
When asked about why prophylaxis methods are less and less used, she showed that it is becoming increasingly evident that “the previously dangerous disease had been a risk that we had t He is now governed. t Now it is a religious disease and if handled well it is easy to remove. So I can have an infection that is not infectious and from there, the prevention measures started to rest and there are an increase in the number of cases. "He said in that situation, there is another disease. imported from other species such as spleen are favored by all, and unfortunately it is a worldwide problem. Our country is happening and it is difficult to control sphiles because of its genitality in pregnant women. ”
In the same line, Andrea Silvero Gallardo, head of the Ministry of Health's STI-HIV-AIDS Department of Health, said HIV was HIV-type and has the same number of patients. “What is coming out as country level warnings is that of other diseases that cause sex because the ban is coming forward. And there was an increase in other sexually transmitted diseases such as sphile and gonorrhea. "
He described how the pathology became "gloomy" about the empathy of the population "although they will hear that, thanks to God today with an effective remedy that you can take. T to carry out the AIDS survey as it happened one year ago, if there is an emergency against other diseases, that is why it is necessary to continue to use the condom as a barrier.
He said that the majority of cases are found in Posadas and Oberá "because they are the largest centers and where the movements are all minded, many of the heavy women, for example, which are the main carers of childminders, comes and give their children in the Mother and Newborn Hospital, which is why the figures are always higher in the larger population centers t . "

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The head of the STI-HIV-AIDS Regional Program confirmed this
delay in the last few weeks, the cure for people got cured and it was normal. “We already have the stock and a Nacro director confirmed that we will have the medicine during the year. And I want patients who are having difficulty treating to deliver the program working at the Baliña Hospital to be able to solve it. He said between 900 and 1,000 people in Misiones's medicine "also counts the sharp accidents where we make propylaxis, peripartum prophylaxis and some patients with social work there. addressing the deficiencies in social work change for another
or when the social work required for administrative purposes to provide more for them ". t Paying attention to Rodriguez's said
"We're already in the rhythm
the usual distribution of medicines and recipes, bodies and forms for prevention.

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There is a divide between in the province
900 and 1,000 patients in HIV treatment. The people who are found are getting free treatment through a regional program that works
Baliña Hospital.

Both Hepatitis A and B are diseases that can stop with compulsory and free vaccines. However, Hepatitis C vaccine is only cured. “If the virus is found, the procedure will be carried out and Hepatitis, C, has a very important feature if you spot it,” explained Claudia Rodríguez.
When asked what disease it is, she said: "Hepatitis is an air swelling. Hepatitis is viral and then others are different reasons". And on the forms of crawls, they said: "Hepatitis C is arrived by the introduction of sex, with inclusive slavery, by dental procedures and surgeries. Before it was cold." "
He said that there is a comparable country level where Hepatitis C is nearest, as in prisons, with an incident of 3.3%, "but different statistics show that it is between 0.3% and 0.7% of the UK population. T And that's just 20% who know it, that's why tests are so important. '
During the day, a total of 80 tests were carried out. "So far we have only one positive case of C and that is good because the patient is in a good condition, he has no symptoms and has already been nominated for the next week to be better evaluated,. T explained the doctor Silvero Gallardo. Hepatitis C is "chronic and very slow and all evolution can reach and make the sick disease 20 to 30 years ago, it is completely asymptomatic". In emergencies, it damages the liver and may need replanting.

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