The leaders of the G20 countries want an international system of taxation on borderline

The G20 countries have requested a tax system for cryptocurrency, as well as managed to tackle cash vow, reporting on the Japanese media on December 2.

According to, the final text of a document delivered by G20 co-ordinators requires a "tax system for over-the-counter electronic payroll services".

The article then specifies that local government can not afford taxes to foreign companies that are not "by a factory or other base in Japan" under current laws. The publication then reports that G20 leaders are trying to "build a tax system for end-of-the-art services".

The state members, who met this weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are working on the system and "will consider the case in 2019 when Japan is the president of the roof. " It is anticipated that a final draft of the rules, after considering the recommendations of each member state, will be in 2020.

As Cointelegraph said in October, the company's Chief Executive requested the Cryptocurrency Circle investment "crystocurrency industry" G20 normalization.

In July, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire asked the G20 to hold a public debate on cryptocurrencies at the top of this weekend.

Le Maire said that the leaders "together on the Bitcoin (BTC) theme" from "it's obvious that there is a danger to estimate it." He then decided that France "should be investigated by other G20 members" to see how they can manage Bitcoin. "

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