The five accused will continue to keep a 14-year-old daughter in Miramar – 01/02/2019

With their heads down, the five young men who are accused of having a 14-year-old daughter at Miramar camping camp who walked the road to a prisoner truck. In the last times, their social networks were filled with lines of compensation, but today they also had someone to give them words of inspiration: family and friends were helped, shouting "that you are innocent. " The five accused said for seven hours in the Mar del Plata Tribunals, where they decided to keep them.

The five young people aged 21 to 23 were moved in the morning from Alcaranía de Batán to raise Mar del Plata's courts, where they gave evidence before the procurator Florencia Salas defeated them. crime sexual abnormalities with access to religious flesh. It was a summary; by four o'clock that they ended up telling and returning to their & # 39; prison 44th Battalion "Tomorrow I'm going, strength", "they are innocent, boys", b & # 39; He called the relatives they heard in the court door.

"There are lots of skills to do. Now they are available to the judge. I asked the arrest, anything else, "the procurator just told the media when she left the courts without giving information about the statements of the carers.

Despite the secret to which the study is handled, it is a transit that is stretched two of the five young men would admit that they were ready with the girl under 14, but no context of violence. This draft was not officially confirmed.

On Wednesday's day the conflict in the legal building was ruled. It was until they left the relatives and friends of the lads who were arrested and put forward against the opposition of journalists. cover the news. They were sorry, they said that everything is wrong: "I want to see you here when Justice says that they are a lie. They are stones," shout some of them.

Around 30 people, every half, came after the guardians entered the Mar del Plata courts. They settled on the 7th floor, where some were called and caught up and others pressing the media.

"He is a lie," listen to relatives and friends of the guardians, cautiously, long & The statements were made concrete. (Picture: Fabian Gastiarena)

"This is what's selling and that's why they come," said one. And a man used an unusual argument to protect the defendants: "With those who talk to the parents of the girl who went out to find her in the autumn after she had no knowledge of it"

In the middle of everything, and with the order of the Internal Interior Inspection of the Buenos Aires Security Ministry, Miramar Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner Andrés Caballero, removed his duties, and thought The men in charge worked with "sliseess" in the first press of the investigation. "He was about to be convicted of a force, but his job in his career was" retired, "an official source for Clarin.

This Tuesday, after the arrest of the young people, The inspectors put the truck and the carp there They were used by Lucas Pitman (21), Emanuel Díaz (23), Tomás Jaime (23), Roberto Costa (21) and Juan Cruz Villalba (23). Young people – including surfers, life guards and musicians – like the passive, from Mar del Plata.

It is the color in which; Renault's white color vehicle Traffic in which young people moved to the site in Miramar and a blue wild tent, in which researchers have been able to access them. Believing that the teenager was convicted. They would also be stolen clothing of the accused.

According to the rebuilding by the researchers about the event, everything happened in the early hours of January 1, celebrating the full New Year. The victim suffered a day before the El Durazno campsite, located on the seafront and a few meters from the road to Miramar, with his parents, his brother and two other friendly families. Everybody's stay in a bungalow, 150 meters from the main door. The place is usually open and working.

At the same time, the five young people camped in a wooded area of ​​the building. After a while of the ditch, the mother's mother noticed that he was present, he started looking for the building and found the worst scene: Tonight in the blue tent was surrounded by men. There, the father and other police officials named the police and kept the young people until the officers came to arrest them.

His first medical test proved to be the little one who had genetic diseases. Following the confirmation of the five accused, it is a 14-year-old girl turned off before the weekend. As confirmed by the Attorney General, it would be Thursday or Friday, "soon" after being licensed by the psychologist and the judge of commitments, Saúl Errandonea.

Special Will in Mar del Plata. Guillermo Villarreal, a writer in Mar del Plata, co-operated.

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