The financial bundle sank in 2018: Bitcoin fell over 70%

Most of the 20 recorded mid-term recorded cryptocurrencies losses were in 2018, and had some individual benefits. But price Bloody Bitcoin has fallen through the year, with a loss of more than 70%, from end to end of 2018.

On Monday, he will work around 3,800 USD again, after he started on January over 13,000 dollars.

After USD 13,444 starts 2018, the shift that stopped the cryptocurrency in 12 months, did not stop running in the last round of the year round USD 3,800 and a drop of 71.4% since last year's last year.

An capitalization Common market value of all current cryptocurrencies is the same USD 130,000 million.

An grinding value of heart disease that affects its & # 39; business.

The representative of graphic processing units (GPU) Nvidia Looking at a class action of a class action for the loss reported after the accident at a & # 39; market cryptocurrency, which reduced GPU's demand to minerals, according to the report CoinTelegraph.

After the mining drops, the share price of Nvidia lost 54% of its value and it came to be The worst of the S & P 500 products of Wall Street.

Likewise, Bitmain, ASIC's leading producer for minerals, plans add more than 500 workers and complete your mineral activities, since the Chinese media said that the Company's Headteachers had a & going to retire.

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