The Dream Chaser carriageway will be fully embedded

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is one of the private space companies that have been operating on a commercial spacecraft for paying payers to space and the ISS. The "Dream Chaser" is the name of its name; a spaceboat that SNC has been working for the years and is very similar to Spatial Rod smaller.

Dream Chaser has the first aim of in 2020, and ahead of his & her; That mission, its company has stated that it has passed the & # 39; Last milestone for her contract for Commercial Transit Services. That means that the spacecraft is set to move to a full-scale representation.

At the end, Dream Chaser will be used for the ISS ferry products. Brained a concept for the NASA commercial team program; in Dream Chaser first, but NASA chose to make contributions from SpaceX and Boeing instead. In the freight of a freight boat, its spacecraft has folded wings and can add more than 12,000 pounds of cargo to space and restore more than 4,000 pounds.

SNC received a contract of commercial goods that brings six or six times to the ISS. SpaceX and Orbital ATK have similar contracts. There are several of the components needed to make the Lost-Dream Dream full spacecraft already tested and tested.

SNC has said that it is expected to be largely completed by the first Dream Chaser collection and test last October. All NASA's private companies on its freight and crew contracts aim to reduce the cost of space showcases.

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