The activity of chicken found has been pre-predicted about fear of pain

A neuroscient approach could help to resolve the emotions of self-esteem and the unnecessary support

Investigators introduced the method of learning of tools that could interfere with activity patterns in brain regions to cause fear to scourge questionnaires used to frighten fear of a patient's pain. This neuroscientific method, recited therein eNeuro, maybe they can help with self-esteem arrangement and their straightforward reasons.

Frequently, fear of punishment is assessed by different questionnaires, which are often used interchangeably, which can ask patients how they are; feel about their clinical pain. However, it is not clear how much these self-reports are scared and frightened, which is known to & # 39; Introducing different divisions of brain, and perhaps other psychological aspects.

Michael Meier and colleagues from the Petra Schweinhardts laborers at Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland faced this misdemeanor by " depicting patients with low pain back when watching video clips to & # 39; damaging harm (expression) and unparalleled actions. The participants' brain activity was predictive of their scores on the questionnaires. Importantly, questionnaires were different in relation to specific patterns of strange activities. These results suggest that questionnaires may be different in different emotional states.

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