Take care! These applications have stolen your data for Facebook

Facebook will use its development tools as a great knowledge, even if your session does not start or does not have a social network account. He will do so through third party applications and, as published by his / her. Foundation International International, no use for permission or communication with its users.

This would counter the current governance of data privacy and protection in Europe, the RGPD – General Data Protection Management – says. Behavior, which has been opened in recent weeks, seems to affect 30% of the applications available through Google Play, make use of Facebook -SDK development software.

Usage is even clearer than what was expected to download the best applications

International Privacy has downloaded some of the best bids and analyzed if they translate data, at that stage of user interaction and what information they put to Facebook. And the event is increasing: up to two in three applications are examined; adding Facebook data.

The following is a list of the main requirements that have been proven – that is, suspended – in this test. The link is included so you can find out if you are applying them:

Icon for Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Duolingo – free languages

Indeed: Find work

Family Expression and Mobile Phone

Heart level – Monitor Pulse

KAYAK: tickets, hotels and more

King James Bible (KJV) free

Pro Musach – Prayer Times, Athan, Quran and Quiblah


Easter and ovulation calendar

Find the Qibla direction


Skyscanner – Routes, hotels and cars

Spotify: music and podcasts


Weather – The Channel Channel

TripAdvisor: hotels, restaurants, aircraft



????? Salatuk (prayer time)

In its study, the data obtained and this SDK has been interconnected at different levels is recorded. Indeed, we have analyzed applications that have not been detected, such as the Ookla, Candy Crush, Dropbox or WeChat distance test.

All are applications with millions and even hundreds of millions of downloads. Many are from recognized or distinguished developers & such as Spotify, who has recently shared a controversy Facebook, allowing access to the private messages of its users.

Facebook developers already warned that the data previously collected was anonymously, so that no private information is available at any time from non-users; using their stage. Developers of these applications also cast out an external member, especially on the Facebook top. According to Financial Times (paywall), there is a conflict between those who use those Facebook services and their own platform.

Although Facebook claims that a consumer data collection can be disabled, those who put this action argued that it was not possible to do so at least one month after the RGPD European came in, or did not know that this was a? happening. . According to speaker Skyscanner:

"We were not aware that data has been sent to Facebook in this way without our users' consent, which conflicts our own standards for integration with third-party technologies, and we still explore how this happened. "

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