Santiago Solari spoke about the bad weather of Real Madrid

The final proof for LaLiga de Espaa, an Real Madrid he fell Real Society 2 to 0. That fact was a badly increasing Merengue and sent it Santiago Solari under one hundred objections. Is the set that manages the Indiecito still doing bad events in the game and the results. Before your team won the Legans with the Copa del Rey, the White House coach spoke at his news conference and he was talks about the bad weather of the entity à Madrid.

On the game against the Pepinero team, Santiago said: "We have a great experience for a Cup, we are just as important as the competitions, before the first legions of the Legans, against Sevilla, will be a beautiful competition, which we need to play with the biggest tension, we will ; damaging equipment and we need to be harder in the third one. "

Then, Solari emphasized the progress made for Real Madrid, the players need to be harder. "We're trying to make our effort and energy into all the games, but they're good and they are different competitions, we started well in & # 39; Couples and we must continue to focus on winning the title; it's important to start the world's most important games in the last third, to be more successful ", he explained the technical director for 42 years.

Despite the many complaints he received in the last few weeks, Solari referred to his position in the entity. "This work is astonishing, great respect, benefit in any action, and I see the same endeavors in all members of the club, for example the gardeners, I can see how they are on Sports City and it's interesting because they play the players with the same dedication and dedication ", which proves Argentinein.

On a dispute that was experienced in & # 39; the game against the Real Sociedad in which the video and video support referee referee, Solari said: "The VAR is more dependent on the rules clear when it is applying it to technology, Well known, that management is followed, not for the athlete, also for the observer, I suppose they are included in the hotel and in the hotel non-objections, but to protect themselves, are lawful ".

In conclusion, the Indiecito indicated that he has no responsibility in the purchases that the Merengue has done. "My responsibility is not to explain the policy of moving a club, and we are, we are working hard and we will try to develop our competition, I have seen Brahim Daz well, which is in the Cup match in line with the bureaucratic methods "I am coming to an end on Santiago.

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