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River Plate will identify a & # 39; Boca's controversy in the Copa Libertadores today with a 3-1 success in the final re-performance played in Madrid and her. represents one of the most important titles in the history of its club.

The stadium will open the doors that start at 3.30pm and # 39; waiting for the A move that moves to herring from the city of Ezeiza after having been involved in the United Arab Emirates World Cup Cup third.

River fans will have the chance to identify unique decisions derived from the effects of Spanish land after the events recorded on the 24th of November in the pre-game relay when The row against Boca between 2 and 2.

The allegations that were converted, the faults that were discharged and wide-ranging arrangements in time decided to be the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in the city of Madrid; The most common decision in the history of the superclassic.

Thousands of River fans bought the ticket for the redeemer against Boca to lose the Cairngorms from her & # 39; finals, but from tomorrow they are happy to express the joy and gratitude of the team and their own homeworkers.

The fireworks, the music, the banners, the fans' song and not fit enough in the identification of American combatants.

One of the drawings, along with the Olympic tour of the players in a multimedia with the Libertas Cup and the story "The biggest history", it will recreation the third match against Boca at Gonzalo Martínez's Cases.

The "Pity" will leave with the people before going to the United States of America and will revitalize the image that will remain in the reusable of the followers of the River forever.

Just like Aldo Pedro Poy, impressive of Rosario Central, a "palomite" on every anniversary of the Newell destination in 1971 National, Martinez will do the same for audiences. make joy in the hullabaloo that does not bother; He could have been at the Monumental. Supporters who received the final ticket last weekend on November 24th; entering the stadium, with an internal ID and previous functionality on its official website; club.

Therefore, ticket delivery for members and non-members was also enabled by the rest of those who can not attend. The river campus will come into the country today, at about 17, and go to the Monastery. In order to arrive, Air Security Security Police requested their fans without going to the Ezeiza International Airport.

The police said a "millionaire" delegation, which comes from the Arab Emirates, will come from a plane to remove a board that will take it out of the air station until the fans have been banned from talking to the players.

The Monumental will look out of its & # 39; capable of being guided by the delight of thousands of fans in the late, but not for all of them, for the rest of their lives.

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