Pier Fritzsche and his silent fight against cancer

Pier Fritzsche, one of historical dancers ShowMatch, this Tuesday died suffering from full fluent cancer. The story has influenced the whole world Dancing for a dream, a competition that took part in a number of opportunities.

The artist of love into dance truth in 2008 so participating by Karina Jelinek. In 2010 he returned to the road, this trip in the hands of Silvina Escudero. In 2011 he did the work again, first with Wanda Nara and then with his sister Zaira.

In 2012 he danced with Andrea Rincón and she had media when he decided to leave the competition as a result of his / her actor's commitment, fighting their demons at that time. He had his final share in 2015, when he met Marcela Taurus.

Pier with Andrea Rincón.
Pier with Andrea Rincón.

As reported City Magazine, it was confirmed that the dancer had a collar cancer in 2015, while still in the town Dance. Although he had overcome the illness, This year he had strong reassurance. He was the only one who knew the state of health of Eva's friend, who made her promise that she would not give one word so that the media news did not reach.

His last work was in his work Great, by Carmen Barbieri, and at a dance school, where she gave classes and conferences. Some famous celebrities have dropped it on the networks, including Wanda Nara, who shared postcards of the loyalty of customs.

Wanda Nara next to the jetty.
Wanda Nara next to the jetty.

Ann Los Angeles in the morning, Told Ángel De Brito that he was one of his last talks. "He told me he had suffered a lot from his parents' illness," he said. In June 2013, his mother died with a lymphoma. A year after that, his father left, who lost his leg.

Pier, a man who gave him a dance soul.
Pier, a man who gave him a dance soul.

The biggest demand was; at the pier to enjoy the Carnival season, where he was going to; going to appear in one of the comparsas in another one year. In its latest release on the networks, the famous event celebrated in Gualeguaychú and said it was "the best thing".

The lovely dancer was a dreamer, good and very devoted to his work. On Twitter his friends remembered him with great love and stressed he had an gold core.

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