National Lottery, Saturday night, March 30, 2019

This is the Saturday, March 30, 2019, a new portrait of this collection The National Lottery.

The first prize is given 600,000 euros to the series, it has been there 55,930 and has played in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Second prize with € 120,000 series for 56,861, jointly between Cádiz and Valencia.

First prize


Back: 7.3 and 0

a & # 39; refund has fallen on completion numbers in: 7, 3 and 0 (first prize).

The National Lottery is one of Spain's most popular tennis courts, with a hundred years tradition. It depends on lotteries and state games (LAE) which in turn are responsible for the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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The first prize is given 600,000 euros until the series, he has been there for 55,930

It makes an engaging picture in which the wager includes a five figure number. The standard price is for applying 3 euro on Thursday, 6 euro on Saturday default 12 euro on a special Saturday and A fascinating 15 or 20 euro dreams.

Check the National Lottery

Second prize, along with € 120,000 to the series, it has been there for 56,861

Unlike other lot, the Lottery
Higher. T It shares 70% of its profits for the winners.

The National Lottery on Saturday

The National Lottery on Saturday
(The National Lottery)

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