Messi played everything: "We'd like to come back to see Neymar"

The number of Barcelona, The Lionel Messi, was released by an interesting interview with Marca de Espaa's newspaper with the excuse about delivering his fifth Tómas Òir and there is a large number of issues related to her. a club where he worked as a whole: Neymar for the club, the successful competition Cristiano Ronaldo when he was at Real Madrid, the innovative scheme was used this year with Ernesto Valverde's coach to win the European League and even what football he is doing; mean in my life.

With regard to the return of Brazilians to Barley after shooting the PSG for 222 million euros, the "Flea" said: "I see it tough. We'd like to come back for what it means, both as a player and for the room. We are friends, we live in things really good, others are not so big, but we'll do it; spend a lot of time together. However, I see it very difficult even to leave Paris. The PSG is not allowed to remove Neymar"

On the other hand, the methods used by Valverde to win the "Orejona" win, the rosario star was explored: the beautiful cup is associated with the European League. Every year there is incentive to win the Welsh League. It's special, especially, the most beautiful I played at club level. Competition is completely different and we all want to win. This year we have played 4-3-3 again. The last venture that we created two lines of four and left very few places when we were; get involved in these two lines. And it was more difficult to call goals. Now with 4-3-3 we have more investment, a game better, but we're more armed when we return. In the results, the competitors get out the gaps that did not last last year. But we're feeling comfortable with her & # 39; dance, protect ourselves with us; member and click on. That is what we have always done. In the last matches we have made improvements in the defense and I hope we continue to grow in this area. "

Messi was also consulted about his successful competition by Cristiano and, surprised by many, Bar Captain "did not stop his" stone ":" He was a good player for Real Madrid and the Spanish League. It was a very good time; we were living together in the & # 39; competition. Everyone tried to win his team and was a healthy and beautiful competition for the fan"

Finally, "Leo", 31, admits what football means in his daily life and how he was a fifth in voting Ball Ball Golden magazine Ball: "The priority, the most important thing, is the most important thing, the family. I like football, I live for football, but the family is over anything. I knew I was not going to win this year. When I listened to the candidates for the prize, I already knew that I was not there and then I did not; Waiting to find out if I was in third or fifth "

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