Maradona surprised with a special eye and left a message for the Argentineans against 2019

While you are & # 39; explain what you will do to your future Golds of Sinaloa, The Diego Maradona It was captured on social media by change his vision and put it a message for the Argentinians about 2019.

An Ten He took advantage of the last day of the year to go through one of the branches of The Barber Job, where he was He pulled off the beard and grew dark, and he welcomed his followers.

"I hope the next year is good. We hope we can enjoy it because the situation is hard. Argentineans will ever get their heads out"said Pelusa in front of her camera.

The Argentinean 58 years old He returned to the country after he dropped in the final of the Málaga Talent Championship and does not know what's going to be in. happen to him. Although it is from what Diego is about to be restored to & # 39; contract and his staff for a further six months, from Doras's Door and started on the stronghold and sent two players that did not ask the DT. And his two field assistants (Mario Perez Mexico and Luis Islas) did not match him. If there is a final agreement, the DT today returned to Culiacán on January 2.

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