Madonna fans have shown that it increases the size of its & # 39; her sorrow (Videos)

At the beginning of the week Madonna I was amazed at everyone with an incredible partnership at The Stonewall Inn in New York City, a few hours before the Year & New. The Queen of Pop played the platform for her best hits, including "Like a Prayer", however, something more and more; attracting the attention of the fans and the size of his backup. the singer which is greater and that's why its fans are sure Madonna is going through.

"It started from the back of the STONEWALL INN! 2019 with a blast. He wrote # Stonewall #pride # 50th #newyear #newlife", translator La Isla Bonita, who also gave up his son David to play guitar. "I and my favorite person in the Stonewall Inn!" Write on Instagram.

Write a follower on Twitter: "As a society, we created the Butts, so Madonna the big man came out and got a man. I said it. "Although another man asked:" Who asked Madonna to put on this fictional donkey? "" Madonna must be & # 39; leaving gluteus implants, "other messages left unsupported followers in the social network.

After the show and the ruling that caused its obvious background in the & # 39; My area, Madonna will continue in silence. And he's probably not talking about it.

In recent weeks, Queen of Pop released new objections against the interpreter Joanne and the procurator to copy their comments. Since the uprising of her first film, led by Bradley Cooper, Gaga has used the same sentence to thank her as a star: "You can have 100 people in the room and 99 who do not believe in you, and everything Everything you need is a person. "The phrase is very similar to a man who used Madonna and this has taken his anger from the face & New actress.

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