Madness in La Plata's destination: a man was sent out by a member of staff because they did not. can not withdraw order

A few seconds of attack had been on & # 39; staying in a Bus Priority in La Plata when a person was brought against a serving person because they did not; he can pull a pilot back. The victim once again explained that the delivery service was over. At one point, the attack jumped on the counter and hit it.

The last weekend's program was held at the phone office in Platabus, which works in the # 39; border, between the 4th and 42th streets. The attack had come to the building to find an envelope, but found that it could not do it because of the service delivery has been withdrawn from another closed company.

"It's the case we get the panels, but we do not include them. That's what another group is over: we're just putting them up and running," said the employee. "I wanted to explain this to the man, but It was very difficult when telling me he needed it at that time", he said, about the debate that lasted 40 minutes.

One met a worker because he could not deliver his job.
One met a worker because he could not deliver his job.

In conversation with TN, the victim said that the client's adverse effects were not expected at any time. "He went in and left the building several times, when I told him there was no way to deliver change face and jump to detainee"he said.

After the collision, the worker quickly complained and confirmed the security cameras in the place, which recorded the entire event. "I have already been filming at the police station because there is something there are no words to explain. So much assault for something is so simple"he finished.

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