Installations on a creative island in Fortnite (14 days Fortnite Challenge)

Place space tools on a creative island thirteen challenge of 14 days of Fortnite a Christmas event that's a come to an end already (although the challenging challenges remain active or two). Today you have the chance to solve new cosmetics for your office box, if you achieve this simple work.

If you do not know it how to put machines on a creative island in Fortnite, here we'll tell you how to overcome this challenge, one of the easiest events to the event … as long as # 39; s you have put in and create a creative way to play a game. If not, maybe everything is similar to Chinese …

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Space tools on a creative island, How will you affect the Fortnite 14-day challenge

Depending on the platform you play, you can get to the & # 39; creative mode either from the main menu to its game (for example, PS4 or Xbox One), or in a custom mode. Program. Once you're in, enter your island, and choose what a mobile phone looks like and its; going up on the crosshead.

Place space tools on a creative island fortunate

In a menu, you can select different items, such as buildings, that appear in your list. If you click on the promoters you can select the toolbar (vehicles, jump platforms, sailors …). Click on the button Y (in Switch), triangle (PS4) or X (Xbox One) to select the desired devices.

We recommend that you then select more than 13 who have a & # 39; look for the challenge, and whenever it is selected, press A (in Switch), Circle (in PS4) or B (Xbox One) to prepare and appear in your list.

Place space tools on a creative island fortunate

Back to the island, you only need to use the mode of the photographer, 13 build floor slabs, and each of them a device as you would play in the game (to put Y air Switch), a triangle (on PS4 ) no X (air Xbox One). It's an easy challenge, and you will be affected in one game. Once done, it's enough to leave the game from the drop-in menu, to get this disk folder as a reward …

Place placements on a rocky island that offers a real prize

Now you know How to fill out the space challenge tools on a creative island in Fortnite. If you need more help with the Fortnite Christmas event, we also tell you how to complete all Fortnite 14-day challenges, such as visiting a wild wild cannon, and # 39; Creating (or not) a creative server, a snowball player meets in different games, a snowball player meets in different games, take through gold rings with an X-4 Stormworm plane, find geese nests on the banks of the river, use boogie gifts and bombs, dislike opponents with different weapons, dance in front of different Christmas trees, truck games in different places or thank you to a bus driver in different games.

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