In November, growing consumption with debt and credit cards

Operations with credit cards and dbito they grew up 14 per cent year annually in November Last, driven by mobile phone, air tickets and services. According to a report prepared by Society of credit and purchase cards (Atacyc), a receipts came in pesos around 40 per cent annually per annum.

Depending on the work, 47.9% of service payments During November it was made with card debit; gradually, a 43.9% of air divisions That month was also posted to & # 39; relate to that payment method. With the credit cards, cell phone is a job level management, with a 34.6 percent increase in business and 56.2 per cent, always in year-on-year comparison.

On the other hand, in the last month of the year; At present, there was less sales with debt and credit cards in housing, furniture and clothing and motifs, according to Atacyc. It should be noted that the use was in November electronic money was rcord with 31.4 per cent of total investments based on the private sector.

So I hit 23 historic marks in two years. The report decides that corresponds to the SD connection measure, according to its & # 39; a new limited cash policy, in November that demand for money again fell. "But the use of electronic money with the Red Connections group has been successful in the register of 31.4 per cent of the total bank taxation of the financial system," said the letter.

So, I went up to five percentage points compared to an earlier year, with up to 251,829 million pesos. It is important to be aware that the total transactions of all electronic pay channels in the last month of 2018 increase by 26.7 per cent per annum, which is almost 365 million pesos.

On a part of corporate and legal people, with an average of just over 690 pesos for each operation, I just raised just over 12 per cent in just one year. In terms of the use of electronic money, it is determined that consumers pay electricity, water and gas services with national taxes, telephone and credit cards.

The fact is that the most interesting growth in the division of the banking companies is doubled in 20 months to 256,463 trading, and in fact, group of corporate people, the more average increase, of 22.1 per cent. As identified by the Social Development Institute in Argentina (IDESA), banking "shock" could be done through a large use of electronic money as a fundamental factor in reducing the levels of corruption and lower tax rates available.

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