Hubble telescope shows how dark things are spread

A Although a dark case can not be seen, scientists accept that it is 80% of what is happening in the & # 39; Earthquake.

A new study, in a deep look at six clever, clever disease clubs revealed that with a dark case.

Although blind case can not be seen, scientists believe that it lives 80% of all that is today.

This material happened after the measurement of the galaxies within the insects of insects after Swiss expert Fritz Zwicky.

So, it was proven that the movements of galaxies that affect philosophy were something unexpected. It was a dark case; this part because it was & # 39; Believe that it was made of ordinary material that does not output or disable it; show light.

According to the Canary Islands Experience Institute (IAC), today it knows that the nature of the material is different, and it is evident in obvious topics in all areas of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The article published in the journal & Monthly Messages; Royal Regiment Society, a & # 39; connecting a dark-shaped link to the lightly complex, light that does not belong to any specific galaxy, but as part of its global structure; cluster spread

The study, with the researcher at the University of New South Wales and the University of Yale, Mireia Montes, as well as the IAC researcher and La Laguna University (ULL), Ignacio Trujillo, are based on six galaxy messages on Telescope watch Space Hubble.

For the development of the research, the rebuilding of a dark case was damaged due to the meaningful lenses of the six groups of thousands of diseases that were examined.

It is a complex process, with so many tangible factors that are; bending the light that was abandoned by a long galaxy measured, this generates a lens-like effect.

"When we saw how a dark case was spread through the lot, we realized it was a moving light," Montes explained.

To prove that simultaneous distribution was simultaneously, the experts used Hausdorff distance, the signaller establishes the relationship between two types of points, such as smartphones. related to the word recognition system.

"We have made comparisons of complex light distribution with dark case and X-rays. The first two are the same, as long as the data gives us the opportunity look, "said Trujillo.

The scientist said something discharged is something dark for the first time. This would allow to explore its location in more detailed gallery clubs, without rebuilding the lens maps.

The product will allow the scientific community to improve the ability to recognize a bold case and its; opening the door for future research in other disease groups.

"The establishment of a tough dark situation will help to understand the origin of this section, a little known nature," said Trujillo.

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