How to freeze the WhatsApp New Year automatically


Today it is New Year's Eve, so ready to get hottest news from WhatsApp one apart. And who wants to spend the night and even New Year 2019 connected to & # 39; send these messages with memes –and without and respond to them. But this family will enjoy someone else, and then congratulate everyone at the same time to be smaller and, as is obvious, also avoid attacks responding to self-congratulating WhatsApp.

If you have an iPhone, I'm sorry but this type of applications for Android phones. There is not much that we can find Google Play Store and, although we use them congratulate 2018 Annual Anniversary in a way automated by WhatsApp, there are many other habits. Above all, so that at a particular time we are not disturbed and we know we are busy. One of them Respond self-routinely, and allows us to & # 39; explain a mobile message respond to anyone who writes us for About the BBC. In addition, we can customize the behavior by limiting it for a few hours, or by choosing a response only to messages with specific words.

Download self-response answers for Android

Apps to respond to congratulations on the 2018 Annual Anniversary that comes with WhatsApp

As well as the previous one, there are also Away. The other is slightly simplified and intuitive, although it contains just the same. You can Answers automatically to WhatsApp's New Year's congratulations, and you will also be able to choose whether you are responding in whole or just some of the links you choose by hand. The behavioral options are many, and you can explain specific answers for special messages.

Download Away for Android

With these applications, you can not only reply messages themselves in the image & normal & # 39; WhatsApp, but you can also do it About the BBC. So if you have your WhatsApp account set up for your company on your phone, you can also choose responding automatically for the New Year's Greetings. And to control things such as, for example, that the automatic response is also sent to group discussions. No, you do not explain all of these items in the settlement of the application, as well as the content of your auto response.

Written by Carlos González

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