How is the non-invasive cure that can help to repair wounds?

It is a cardiovascular disease in a ACV that is a affect the vessels vessels of blood that give blood to the brain.

"It occurs when those vessels, which carry oxygen to the brain, are screened or blocked by the causes of blood or thrombosis. As a result, part of the brain is not Streaming. The affected brain cells can not work due to lack of oxygen and die. The same thing will happen with a & # 39; part of the body that they control"Explain Liliana Jordá Vargas, Biochemistry of BioBarica.

In Argentina, there is a confrontation of almost 126,000 cases annually, one will take place every four minutes.

There are two types of stroke: ischemic stroke, this is the most common reason and happens when artistry is stopped and blood does not reach part of the brain and attack diffusing stroke, What happens when artery in the brain is a? breakdown can damage its & # 39; damaging and damaging the place where it is and that Although not so often, it is more deadly.


• A sudden lack of awareness, weakness or paralysis in the face, on the hand or on the casing, especially on one side of the body.
• Imagine suddenly, sudden problems for talking or understanding.
• Sadly troublesome in one or two eyes.
• A walking, error, vertigo, equity loss or coordination problem.
• Chief and most severe and no obvious cause.


• Decrease in fertilizer strength.
• Motion drinks.
• language disorder or speech disorder.
• Changes in personality and / or mood

Secured treatment

"The medicines and revival programs that have so far been valuable in improving quality of life just after brain injury, but often do not provide partial respite but in Some issues leave a patient with disabilities. So, e requiring additional thermal bids to find revival on impact devices", Said Jordá Vargas.

Said specialist "Years of clinical experience have shown that a stroke is a rapidly occurring revival in the first 30 days, although people who live from mid-chest and badly continue to evolve for at least 90 days. "

In that regard, he said "Most of the revitalization includes divisions of the brain that are anti-active, but do not die."

"The innovative study of the Tel Aviv University shows that hyperbaric oxygenation (HBOT) medicine can be developed significantly in patients who suffer a stroke and also be effective in & # 39; handle and prevent many other abnormalities."He said.

Cure in the hyperbaric room can start both in the unequal level of the ACV, as it is in the re-development. Although it is not possible to draw a clear line between the renewable and renewable levels, After one month of the incident is scarce, the patient is stable and the revival process has come to an end.

As well as to oxygenate the domains that are & # 39; affecting the brain, hyperbaric room treatment reduces bleaching, and & quot; Creating the creation of a blood form, which promotes neurons by; Encouraging an ugly approach, which encourages stupid cooling methods that will be; use oxygen and regenerate damaged or damaged cells

The patient will enter a multi-authorized room with at least 1.4 ATM environments (higher than the usual 1-degree high quality weight) and its; Using a mask that gives about 100% oxygen. This gas is transported to the blood, and even arrives at & # 39; and damn cleiters.

In this way, patients who suffer ACV are aware that they are infected. Use the Hyperbaric Room to complete them: improve control of good motor skills; the defaults are valued; spasticity (rigidity) is reduced; there is less danger in sequelae; to improve patient quality of life.

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