Harvard expert explains why this asteroid could be an ET ship – 12/09/2018

On last October 19, from Hawaii, soldiers showed for the first time something from another solar system. They saw him traveling through. They saw it passing across, and # 39; turn the sun and then burn rapidly until it lasts. It was astonishing to see it. I think it's interesting to stay in this time, with our technology, and giving evidence of this kind of philosophy, which brings us to debates and challenges; Concerning decisions.

According to the Hawaiian University Processing Institute, the same 1 I / 2017 UI (later) name of Oumuamua, Messenger that comes from a long time, in the Hawaiian language) into our System around its location; 1837. But he could not see it until 2017 because he was too far from the sun: he did not; can not catch enough light. Once it was a & # 39; came to the sun, he moved quickly and disappeared for a short time in the area where it is obvious to today's cake. That's why we got caught.

An Oumuamua Messenger baptism that comes from a long distance from its found in an orbit that is a come out outside the Solar System and because its first appearance was & # 39; features unusual features. It's a kind of space we've ever seen. Based on its sun reflection, it was first introduced that it was far beyond or more than any known asteroid or comet in the Solar System.

Eminence Avi Loeb is a physicist at Harvard University.

Eminence Avi Loeb is a physicist at Harvard University.

With her move there was no doubt: it can be seen that it started outside the Solar System, but it was the most interesting thing that the route was going to do; disappeared from the man who was expected to be a seriously damaging sunset. This force will create a rocket effect, caused by a degassing cometary (this is the name given to moving the ice that has suffered combs when they are nearing the # 39 ; Sun), but a comet tail was not seen around Oumuamua. In addition, this dementia process should have changed in the quarry, which has not been detected either. So, if it's not a degassing cometary, what can cause acceleration is too big?

Oumuamua could be an overall survey sent to Earth.

Much of the Oumuamua speeds is uncertain and has been found in many minutes. According to our ideas, the ones we published in paper (scientific document) in the Astrophysical Journal Letters last month, we recommend that this special waulking is caused by pushing (without warming) of the sun radiation. Now, for sunlight to be associated with the acceleration that has been examined, Oumuamua should be less than one thousand miles thick, but a dozen meters in size. (N. of R: We know it's about 800 meters long and 80 meters wide).

Spaceship. So what's in Oumuamua? It's just one chance that it's a light way; in the object that floats in the inter-state space in which the solar system is installed; grow, as a ship that strikes a buck on the surface of its face; sea. It's light candles in light candles, because it's a candle. show light. Indeed, telescope showed Spitzer for more than 30 hours and did not find any thermal spread from Oumuamua. That is a signal that shows the surface is cold and well advanced. If the reflection is high, the size of the members that have been downloaded is reduced from just a few hundred meters to a few tens of meters. In my opinion, Oumuamua may be a technological waste that is needed but is not clear if they are still working or are not working now. Is it possible? The radio storytops can not go to; Find their output at a power level of more than a tenth of one-cell phone.

On the other hand, if a fuller situation has been built, Oumuamua could be a totally certified issue to Earth hard. Foreign search

Loeb Tuesday with colleagues and Stephen Hawking, who once warned ET.

Loeb Tuesday with colleagues and Stephen Hawking, who once warned ET.

Sherlock Holmes. The way in which I deal with the attractive buildings of this area is just scientifically and evidence-based. I could say that I'm following the most sought-out of Sherlock Holmes Tracker: "When you miss out the impossible, what's still – unlike as it is – it must be the truth. "

I think that, to go to # 39; Looking forward, we should look at other inter-state objects in the air. Objects like Oumuamua. That search would be like my favorite work when I visit beach with my daughters: explore the shells shed with her; sea. All shells are not the same and, as such, only a fraction of the inter-objects of technological remains of alien civilization would be allowed. That's why we must check everything that comes into the Solar Solar from an inter-state place. That is the only way to include the genuine Oumuamua nature and other aspects of the secret population.

Evident evidence It's interesting to stay in a time where our scientific technology is a? looking for evidence of alien civilizations. The evidence of Oumuamua is not coming to an end, but it's interesting. The things we saw about the features and we carried on to suggest that it could be a lightweight candle that made foreign civilization.

Indeed I'm giving other suggestions to be allocated, but I can not think of another explanation for the special acceleration seen in Oumuamua. It is the proposal that could be a candle created by a community seat. Our civilization is currently involved in the development of light navigation technology. For example, the Japanese IKAROS project has already shown that the sun's principle is in place and it has been developed to achieve its goal to achieve high speed through the Starshot project, which has been developed by the Trust Dispensation Award, in which I am above the advisory council.

That's why it seems to me that civilization is more advanced than our site to use this technology in the current, and that this is the Oumuamua sport debris source.

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