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EU recognizes Orlando Hernandez as winner in Honduras election

United States recognized reelection on Friday Honduras of president Juan Orlando Hernández and urged the Honduran authorities to review in a "transparent and complete" manner any challenge of some elections marked by suspicions of fraud .

"We congratulate the president Juan Orlando Hernández for his victory in the presidential elections of November 26, according to as declared by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Honduras ( TSE ), "said the Department of State in a statement.

" We call on the TSE to review in a transparent and complete manner any challenge presented by the political parties, "spokeswoman Heather Nauert added, noting the" irregularities "observed by observers of the Organization of American States. canos ( OAS ) and the European Union ( EU ), and the protests unleashed.

The government of Donald Trump had not yet acknowledged Hernandez's triumph, but a source in the State Department said this week that he had not seen "anything that alters" the result announced by the TSE.

The TSE declared last Sunday winner to Hernandez after three weeks of delays, uncertainty, opposition accusations of "monumental theft" and violent street demonstrations, which left at least 12 dead according to experts from the UN and of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ( IACHR ).

On Friday, the State Department reiterated its call to all Hondurans to abstain from violence and urged the government to ensure that the security forces respect the rights of the s peaceful protesters, urging to "heal the political division"

"The results of the elections, the irregularities identified by the electoral observation missions of the OAS and the EU and the strong reactions of Hondurans across the spectrum "They stressed the need for a solid national dialogue," Nauert said.

Hernandez began a dialogue on Wednesday with different sectors to try to restore peace and on Thursday reaffirmed his call to talk with his opponents, who reject him saying he is looking for "legitimize" after the electoral "fraud"

More than 3,000 people filled the streets on Thursday in front of the US embassy in Tegucigalpa, headed by former president Manuel Zelaya, ousted in 2009 and coordinator of the leftist Alliance of Opposition Against the Dictatorship which nominated Salvador Nasralla to the presidency.

Nasralla, who traveled this week to Washington ton to meet with the secretary general of the OAS Luis Almagro and officials of the Department of State to present "evidence" of the "rude electoral robbery" that complaint, told AFP that he agrees to talk with Hernandez, but to set a new vote.

Opposition lawmakers in the United States questioned the Trump administration on Thursday for its "inadequate" response to the post-electoral crisis in Honduras and supported the OAS Secretary General's proposal to hold new elections.

Congressmen recalled that stability in Honduras, as well as in other countries of Central America, is "of national interest" for the United States, whose taxpayers invested hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance programs to the region.


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