Democratic leaders of another government will ask by 2019

Cristina sent her "good wishes" to Argentinean in 2019 and spoke a funny video about the economic events in 2018. "For the start of 2019, strength and good wishes for Argentines and Argentines, who are always united, on, with our flagship and with a great deal of love", The national grandfather for Buenos Aires confirmed.

"A full year of bad news, we'll burn it with funny, I'm sure you've already seen it, this is one of the videos of the year, for those who did it, chapeau! " The former president raised the bidding he posted.

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Salta's director Juan Manuel Urtubey said "It's 2019 a year when an event is successfully built by this government and Kirchnerism", participating in a traditional Tinkunaco event (celebrating the mix of indigenous and Christian beliefs) in the La Rioja town with a local president, Sergio Casas (PJ) .

At the end of the new year in which the re-elected Argentineans need re-election, the Justicialist Lawyer secretary (who has been asked to become a candidate for the Other Resident) said "a difficult year to & # 39; finishing "and its # 39; promised "These holidays give us all the strength to stay in 2019 brilliant".

Regarding the unity of each section of Philosophy, and in particular the place led by the old President Cristina Kirchner, Salta's president was again to mark his Differences with Citizen Unity.



At the same time, the head of the Department of Modernization, Sergio Massa, believes Argentinians have the right to another government "and warned that" the economy "is in a slide" when it is " stocking 2018.

"The Argentine economy is in decline in descendants, Argentines have the right to hope: another government in 2019. With a new majority, a agenda related to the nation's production and growth, economic and social agreement with the policies of State in development issues, employment, philosophy, justice ", He emphasized the Head of the Renewal Department.

In commenting on the consolidation of the Federal Federal, Massa explained: "We are trying to build a new option by rulers, legislators and supervisors, other opponents Macri buys, to be lost in the second round. "

At the end of the new year, Massa referred to the report released on social networks with the Front Renovador with 20 geographies by the government of Mauricio Macri, which is spread through social networks through hashtags #PromisesFailed and #ThereAlternative.



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