Data Awards: how the system works to try to "watch" users to see advertising

In today's world, data has been crucial. The interconnection through cell phones is true: news is read, emailed, videos are played, information will be sought, and many other things.

According to Google Barometer Consumer, over 50% of people connect to the internet through mobile telephony and have a share of 3.5 connected devices.

But this connection is also a cause for one of the most common problems such as data cost, especially when it is unsuitable as a result of videos that are reproduced in an advertising format.

Solving the problem of data

With this in mind, the Data Awards have come to fruition: a new type of digital advertising where messages that value your customers with an exchange data to see their ads.

The system works to "bring benefits" if the user agrees to see an advertisement as a whole. In this way, advertising will ensure that they have their own suggestions and content and that the user has a & # 39; get a valuable prize: data to continue with their phone browsing.

But Data Awards it is not restricted to simply show content, but the user can also benefit from doing so; answer some of the actions that you want the logo that is; offer access to the internet, alternatively to fill in a form, for example, or by buying a particular product.

Users receive an important prize for advertising and logo to see & # 39; Pay only for the effective comments to ensure the preservation of the advertising message (not achieved in traditional media platforms).

This model has already been established by multimedia companies worldwide and in Latin America, the service is available in Mexico, Peru, Brazil and soon in Argentina.

Thinking that there is an increase in mobile device users in Latin America on planned data plans, these types of services are expected to be & # 39; continue to grow and develop in the future.

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