Comet Wiedenen to travel with Earth

Today Comet Wirtanen is passing the Earth. The dirty snowfill is a huge kilometer that affects its & # 39; Sun every 5.4 years, as far as Jupiter and as close as Earth. Today Comet 46P / Wirtanen is passing just a short distance to the Earth, the closest way in 70 years. If you know where you can see (Taurus), you can see your shopping carts as an awesome blue maze.

In the photograph a week ago, a photograph was taken of Chomet Wirtanen in the sky outside an abandoned old church in Skagen, Denmark. The associated icon also captures the astrophotographer. After today, the comet will begin to decline while & # 39; as it comes back from Earth and from Sun.

Credit Images & Rights: Ruslan Merzlyakov (RMS Photography)

Credit Images & Rights: Ruslan Merzlyakov (RMS Photography)

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