Argentine stocks earn up to 4% on Wall Street

An Dow Jones Industrial Average had 229.24 points, or 0.99 per cent, at 23291.3 units; S & P 500 promoted 17.32 points, or 0.70 per cent, to 2,503.06 units; and Nasdaq got 53.87 points, or 0.82 per cent, at 6,638.39 units.

In describing Argentine accidents, the highest elevations are recorded by Transportadora de Gas del Norte (3.8%), Banco Francés (3.2%) and Banco Macro (3.1%); while IRSA (6.2%), Tenaris (1.1%) and Ternium (0.9%) were a & # 39; most important recording.

In Europe

An The European Stock Exchange ended finishing Monday trading with some increases, the last session of 2018, a year between 10% and 20% in the Brexit context, a commercial war and fear of growing, such as worldwide markets.

An year ending "to be worse than expected" for the markets, Told Daniel Larrouturou, Head of Diamant Bleu Gestion, AFP. "There were the worrying issues, but nobody thought it would be as big as the European calendars left."

The Sino-SA trade dispute remains one of the biggest fears for investors in 2019, as well as the "Brexit case", the economic slowdown and the way in which middle-class banks are going. sings, "he said.

The stock stocks in the US had a difficult year, with each falling, European standards had a & # 39; follow their way.

Wall Street moved rapidly with the statements on the US Army Reserve (Fèidh), which raised interest rates and thus increasing the credit cost for investors, the threats of trade disruption between Beijing and Washington or the development technological values.

An The fall in the price of oil involved in the development of the activities of European large groups as long as the financial values ​​have been & # 39; suffering from the low levels of Europe and the fight between the European Commission and Rome for Italy's budget

On the other hand, car makers and departmental businesses were suffering from the demand; fallen and the new pollution regulations.

The Eurostoxx 50 European consortium program culminated in a year just under 3,000 points, and # 39; Almost 15% combustion recording in twelve months.

In Paris, the CAC 40 was registered in the worst 2018 year since 2011. The Parisian index has lost 10.95% of its value. In London, FTSE-100 fell by 12.48% in one year.

In other European places the falls were similar: in Lisbon -15%, in Amsterdam -10%, in Brussels -20%, in Madrid -15%, in Milan almost – 20% and in Switzerland -10%.

Frankfurt, where the last session was on Friday, Dax recorded the worst fifth year in the last thirty years: -18.3%.

In Asia, Nikkei's Index in Tokyo 12.1%, Shanghai 24.6% and Hong Kong 14% lost. In the face of today, the Bovespa of San Pablo was up 13%.

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