Apple could find the award the teenager was hidden in the FaceTime app

Grant Thompson, a 14-year-old teenager found in an application Facetime, the big Apple could award because of # 39; it was discovered.

The shadow, found in Apple video video service, will bring the microphone of the iPhone to the cited user before accepting the # 39; cited. It's a mess that's a # 39; turn into a phone into a type of spiritual device.

Grant found this mistake as long as it was a & # 39; Try to contact Facetime with a friend to co-ordinate group games of video games. But an expert never responded. Then he sent other friends to the camera and at a particular time he found that he listened to all that was said and had been written; First friend he did not answer at first.

"I found this offense with an accident, which is very amazing for me. I still do not understand it as it does not; Apple got it and a 14-year-old boy got the chance, "said Thompson. CNBC during a Monday, 4 February interview.

That day she told her mother what she found, and she could prove her case. Since then, both were cited and written to Apple's support service to report on this inconvenience.

However, for nine days they were completely abandoned.

"Apple should reward people to comment on such thingsnot only technologists or developers, "the mother explained to the media.

The company founded by Steve Jobs did not respond to the woman's message to the media spread the story of the week ago.

Last Friday, "advanced" activity from Apple went to Tucson, Arizona, where Grant and his mother are alive, to thank them for their search. "He gave his own personal thanks and also asked us for his opinion, he asked us how they could improve the reporting process," said the mother.

Apple's business told Grant that it would appear "in the last few days"very good prize"to find its error.

What's in the tired?

A call is made from the FaceTime Video app on the iPhone and before responding to the person, he will slip his / her down and down; choose the "add people" option and then the person who makes himself calls himself as a member of the video conference.

This iPhone recognizes how a hosting company can; make and directly add the retriever's microphone without the recipient to & # 39; accept the call. And if the keeper decides to quit the call, it will only expire it; heard, but also the video to the person who communicated. That is said, it will be heard and the keeper will be seen without his knowledge.

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