An artist of God of War is remodeling the characters of Super Smash Bros.

How would the characters be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate If one of the main artists of God of War was designed? Well, how ugly it looks like, now it's possible to know. And if Raf Grassetti has shown some characters of characters as a Link, but using the style it would be like; creating all the new Kratos we all know. The product can not be more spectacular, and even credible.

As you can see in the image above, not only do we talk about a very special style, but also more rational than what Nintendo is doing; us use. So far he has only done these two sketches, linked to Connection and Samus Aran, but Raf has ensured he continues to have more characters. The next thing, we all recognize a "secret" character, with its shadow.

Not only is this a fascinating and original initiative, it is also a good example that Sony Santa Monica has specialists for one of the best games of the year (including GOTY 2018 of this house). In any case, if you're "crossover", do not forget to follow Raf Grassetti on Twitter, because you will probably continue to go to it. surprise us.

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