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The United Kingdom Secretary of State was again giving warning for Confirmation of a fluid case of Argentine citizen who traveled on Seaview's MSC tourism in February for some beaches and spas in Brazil. The Brazilian government decided to do a major job to stop issues, with around 10,000 vaccines before finding the disease in crew and passengers.

"Those people who have traveled a month earlier in the previous voyage and with fever and skin breed are encouraged within three weeks of returning directly with health services recites traveling history to a professional carer in order to take action to implement control measures at a local level, "and the Ministry of Health's recommendation.

It is important in advance. Last week, warnings were also given for the cause of a measles in Rosario. A 35-year-old man is a historian who has a history; Traveling to South East Asia and Canada, which is happening well.

In terms of the issues found in the seabed, one of the world's most recent ways and with capacity for more than 5,000 travelers, Brazil Ministry of Health demonstrated 13 cases of measles in crew members from countries Different (India, Italy, Ukraine, Brazil and South Africa) and also reported that 18 cases were found – which were issued – in the Santa Catarina state and San Pablo, with this history of travel.

As a strategy to stop new issues, The National Healthcare Organization of Brazil decided to vaccinate more than 10,000 people on the voyage in the last few weeks. Above they are worried about the passengers who started the voyage on the 16th of February in the Santos port (they will also be vaccinated by those who were killed on 15 February). In the program of walks on the seafront they were planned to; stop in Camboriu and the island of Porto Belo in Santa Catarina, among other places.


The Ministry of Health remembered these proposals for Argentines who travel abroad:

-The complete register of vaccines for the ages published according to their monthly National Vaccine. If the recommended doses 2 do not have to be vaccinated, measles must be submitted at least 15 days before the trip.

– Children from 6 to 11 months who travel to areas of viral circulation should receive a three-virus vaccine. This dose should not be included as a vaccination scheme. The dose associated with the National Vaccine Monthly will be administered at one year old and at the school door.

– Pre-1965 births do not have to be immunized because they are considered to be immune (as before their disease, they have antibodies).

Health teams in different areas have been asked to increase the epidemiological survey of issues of exnathematical febrile (EFE) disease, with a particular focus on travel history. In the event of an inconsistent case, regional and national health authorities should be informed immediately to prevent measures and to impede new issues.

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